Âme (LIVE)

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<p>It’s safe to say that Âme is currently one of the most sough-after acts on the planet. The duo of Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer has played an integral part on the global dance music scene for over a decade now, and with their Innervisions label they have shaped the way our music sounds today. There is no doubt that they have been responsible for some of the scene’s biggest songs, all of which have gone on to become certified classic tracks. Âme truly is a global act.</p>
<p>After absolutely killing it at last year’s smalltown at Caulfield Race course, we are extremely excited to finally have Âme’s Frank Wiedemann join us for an intimate and LIVE club show. With another Top 3 placing in RA’s ‘2015 Top Live Acts’ under their belt, the vibe on Âme’s LIVE set is stronger than ever. Don’t miss this opportunity to finally see one of the planet’s most celebrated LIVE electronic acts perform in the intimate surrounds of a club.</p>
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