Isaac Fryar

Rising from humble beginnings on the slow Victorian coastline, Isaac Fryar has pressed his mark into Melbourne’s nightclub scene and has found his way to some of the country’s biggest music festivals. Isaac’s deep sound separates him among a sea of commercial zombies and has helped him secure ongoing residencies at Melbourne playgrounds ‘Survivor! Club of Legends’, ‘Chinese Whispers’ and ‘Circus.’ His devotion to both house and techno tunes, with a special taste for European labels, has allowed Isaac to develop his individual style and delve deeper into Melbourne’s music scene. 

He has opened up the ears of Future Music and Summadayze festival kids and rave slaves alike, charming them with his ever-attentive sound. Reading the crowd as they sway and dance to his seemingly perfect choice of tune. Isaac’s animated sets have enticed the Novel Team, with a recently secured Summer Series residency and a guest appearance at Let Them Eat Cake in January 2014. An expanding talent that is prepared to take over Melbourne and seduce every soul with his sweet beats.